Carpet floors are extremely popular all across the world especially in colder regions since carpets are made of soft material that will keep the feet warmer. Carpets prevent cold or heat radiates through the floor therefore they are amazing insulators that also provide a little thermal resistance. This is why carpet floors are a lot common among colder countries.

Since carpets are textured it also provides better comfort and has a luxurious look. Besides being comfortable and warm carpets are also versatile. It comes in different sizes, colors, structures and you can choose the one that matches your style. Carpet is also a perfect floor material for offices and other regions where there is a lot of noise and sounds. One of the characteristics of carpets is they are much more sound absorbant than other floor types, therefore in places like an office where conversations and other sounds travel a lot, these sound waves do not get reflected and create an echo chamber thus minimizing noise levels.

Besides all these advantages, one of the important ones is how easy it is to clean and maintain a carpeted floor. Carpets require less effort and maintenance than hard floor surfaces. Regular vacuuming and scrubbing usually keep them clean and fresh. These are some tips that can be helpful when you are cleaning the carpets to make them quicker and effective,

Tips for Vacuum Cleaning

Coins or other similar items must be removed from the area since they can potentially damage the machine.

It is better to dust off things like furniture, window frames, ceiling fans, curtains, etc. This way you can use the vacuum cleaner to pick up the dust that fell from the items while cleaning the carpets. It’s a “two birds with one stone” situation.

Check for any attachments for the vacuum cleaner that will help to clean hard to reach parts like a nozzle attachment.

Follow a cleaning pattern of horizontal and vertical. First, vacuum forward and back then sideways. This you can ensure every part of the carpet fiber is cleaned.

It is advised by Ozclean, a professional cleaning service company in Brisbane, Australia to vacuum the carpet at least once a week to keep it fresh and clean. However, if your house is more active than normal, it is better to clean more often than once a week to preserve the look and feel of the carpet.

Tips for Spot Cleaning

Spot cleaning is also as important as vacuuming your carpet since vacuum cleaner doesn’t remove stains. Here are some tips for making spot cleaning easier.

When spot cleaning, avoid using colored or dyed cloth because the color from the cloth can easily transfer to the carpet thus making the carpet worse. White cloth or paper towels are a perfect solution to this problem.

Avoid using brushes on carpets as they can easily damage the fibers of carpets.

Spot cleaning as the name suggests is to act immediately on the stain or mark without allowing them to dry. So the bottom line is, spot cleaning is not a part of regular cleaning, cleaning stains caused by spills or similar must be cleaned right away instead of putting it off for regular cleaning.

Choosing the right cleaner for spot cleaning is essential since commercial cleaners come in various forms, so make sure to check the label for details before the purchase. Also, be sure to check for any cleaner that comes in or with a spray bottle makes spot cleaning extremely easy.

Always try out the cleaner you buy on a discreet part of the carpet so you can check if the cleaner cause any damage to the material or the fibers.


Carpets are beautiful floor type that has the ability to elevate the look and feel of a space and the most preferred floor types in colder regions. These tips hopefully help you clean and maintain your carpet to keep it fresh and bright. Try to avoid eating food or do similar activities that can cause stains or leave marks on the carpet as much as possible and keep your carpet clean for a long time.



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